Liste der vorgestellten Arten    List of the presented species

It is intended to offer more species by time - mostly with pics of my own

Liste, geordnet nach deutschen Namen
Ordered by German names
Liste, geordnet nach Familien (Wiss.N.)
Ordered by families (scientific names)
Liste, geordnet nach wissenschaftl.Namen
Ordered by scientific names

List of species ordered by English names

Admiral, Canary Red
Admiral, Poplar
Admiral, Red
Admiral, Southern White
Admiral, White
Angle Shades
Angle Shades, Small
Apollo, Clouded
Apollo, False
Apollo, Small
Arches, Black
Arches, Buff
Arches, Dark
Arches, Green
Arches, Grey
Argus, Brown
Argus, Southern Brown
Argus, Geranium
Argus, Northern Brown
Argus, Scotch
Barred Red
Beauty, Brindled
Beauty, Camberwell
Beauty, Pale Brindled
Beauty, Pine
Black, Waved
Blackneck, The
Black-tip, Greenish
Black-tip, Eastern Greenish
Blue, Adonis
Blue, African Grass
Blue, Alcon
Blue, Amanda's
Blue, Baton
Blue, Eastern Baton
Blue, Canary
Blue, Chalkhill
Blue, Provence Chalkhill
Blue, Chapman's
Blue, Chequered
Blue, Common
Blue, Cranberry
Blue, Damon
Blue, Dusky Large
Blue, Escher's
Blue, Furry
Blue, Gavarnie
Blue. Glandon
Blue, Green-Underside
Blue, Holly
Blue, Idas
Blue, Iolas
Blue, Lang's Short-tailed
Blue, Large
Blue, Long-tailed
Blue, Lorquin's
Blue, Mazarine
Blue, Meleager's
Blue, Mountain AlconBlue
Blue, Osiris
Blue, Reverdin's
Blue, Scarce Large
Blue, Short-tailed
Blue, Eastern Short-tailed
Blue, Provencal Short-tailed
Blue, Silver-studded
Blue, Small
Border, Clouded
Border, Lace
Brass, Burnished
Bright-line Brown-eye
Brimstone, Canary
Brindle, Clouded
Brindle, Clouded
Broad-bar, Shaded
Brocade, Antirrhinum
Brocade, Light
Brocade, Pale-shouldered
Brown, Arran
Brown, Dusky Meadow
Brown, Lattice
Brown, Meadow-
Brown, Northern Wall
Brown, Wall-
Brown, Large Wall-
Brown, Woodland-
Buff, Clouded
Burnet Bloodword
Burnet Companion
Burnet, Five-spot
Burnet, Five-spot, Narrow bordered
Burnet, Mountain
Burnet, New Forest
Burnet, Six-spot
Burnet, Slender Scotch
Camberwell Beauty
Carpet, Beautiful
Carpet, Blue-bordered
Carpet, Juniper
Carpet, Silver-ground
Character, Chinese
Character, Hebrew
Chestnut, Beaded
Chestnut, Flounced
Chi, Grey
Chimney Sweeper
Clearwing, White-barred
Clifden Nonpareil
Clover, Marbled
Comma, The
Comma, Southern
Copper, Fiery
Copper, Grecian
Copper, Large
Copper, Purple edged
Copper, Purple-shot
Copper, Scarce
Copper, Small
Copper, Sooty
Copper, Violet
Copper Underwing
Copper Underwing, Svenssons
Coxcomb Prominent
Cream Wave, Lesser
Crescent, Green-brindled
Dagger, Grey
Dagger, Reed
Dagger, Scarce
Dewick's Plusia
Dog's Tooth
Dot, Straw
Drap, Clouded
Drap, Lead-coloured
Drinker, The
Dun-bar, The
Dusty Wave, Small
Eggar, Pale
Eggar, Small
Eggar, Oak
Emerald, Blotched
Emerald, Common
Emerald, Essex
Emerald, Large
Emperor, Lesser Purple
Emperor, Purple
Emperor Moth
Emperor Moth, Large
Emperor, Tau
Ermine, Apple
Ermine, Bird-cherry
Ermine, Buff
Ermine, Muslin
Ermine, Orchard
Ermine, Spindle
Ermine, Water
Ermine, White
Ermine, Willow
Fan-foot, Small
Festoon, Eastern
Festoon, Southern
Festoon, Spanish
Festoon, The
Figure of Eight
Figure of Eighty
Flame Brocade
Flame Shoulder
Footman, Buff
Footman, Common
Footman, Dingy
Footman, Feathered
Footman, Fourdotted
Footman, Four-spotted
Footman, Hoary
Footman, Orange
Footman, Red-necked
Footman, Rosy
Footman, Scarce
Fox Moth
Fritillary , Aetherie
Fritillary , Asian
Fritillary, Assmann's
Fritillary , Bog
Fritillary , Corsican
Fritillary, Cranberry
Fritillary, Cynthia's
Fritillary, Dark Green
Fritillary, Duke of Burgundy
Fritillary, False Heath
Fritillary, Glanville
Fritillary, Heath
Fritillary, High Brown
Fritillary, Knapweed
Fritillary, Lesser Marbled
Fritillary, Marbled
Fritillary, Marsh
Fritillary, Meadow
Fritillary, Mountain
Fritillary, Nickerl's
Fritillary, Niobe
Fritillary, Pallas's
Fritillary, Pearl-bordered
Fritillary, Provencal
Fritillary, Queen of Spain
Fritillary, Scarce
Fritillary, Shepherd's
Fritillary, Silver-washed
Fritillary, Small Pearl-bordered
Fritillary, Spanish
Fritillary, Spotted
Fritillary, Lesser Spotted
Fritillary , Thor's
Fritillary, Titania's
Fritillary, Twin-spot
Fritillary, Weaver's
Garden Tiger
Gatekeeper, Southern
Gatekeeper, Spanish
Geranium Bronze
Glider, Common
Glider, Hungarian
Glory, Kentish
Gold Spot
Gold Spot, Lembke's
Gold Swift
Gothic, Feathered
Gothic, The
Grass Eggar
Grayling, Alpine
Grayling, Eastern Rock
Grayling, False
Grayling, Great Banded
  Grayling, Lesser Woodland
Grayling, Rock
Grayling, Striped
Grayling, Tree
Grayling, White-banded
Grayling, Woodland
Green, Burren
Green, Marbled
Green Pea, Cream-bordered
Hairstreak, Black
Hairstreak, Blue-spot
Hairstreak, Brown
Hairstreak, Dusky
Hairstreak, False Ilex
Hairstreak, Green
Hairstreak, Ilex
Hairstreak, Provence
Hairstreak, Purple
Hairstreak, Sloe
Hairstreak, Spanish Purple
Hairstreak, White Letter
Hawk-moth, Bedstraw
Hawk-moth, Broad-bordered Bee-
Hawk-moth, Convolvulus
Hawk-moth, Deathhead
Hawk-moth, Elephant
Hawk-moth, Eyed
Hawk-moth, Humming-bird
Hawk-moth, Levant
Hawk-moth, Lime
Hawk-moth, Narrow-bordered Bee
Hawk-moth, Oak
Hawk-moth, Oleander
Hawk-moth, Pine
Hawk-moth, Poplar
Hawk-moth, Privet
Hawk-moth, Seathorn
Hawk-moth, Silver-striped
Hawk-moth, Small Elephant
Hawk-moth, Spurge
Hawk-moth, Barbary Spurge
Hawk-moth, Striped
Hawk-moth, Willowherb
Heart and Dart
Heath, Alpine
Heath, Chestnut
Heath, Common
Heath, Elban
Heath, Large
Heath, Latticed
Heath, Pearly
Heath, Scarce
Heath, Small
Herald, The
Hermit, The
Hook-tip, Barred
Hook-tip, Oak
Hook-tip Pebble
Hornet, Yellow
Kentish Glory
Kitten, Poplar
Knot Grass
Lackey, Ground
Lackey, The
Lady, American Painted
Lady, Painted
Lappet, The
Lappet, Pine
Lappet, Plum
Lappet, Small
Leafminer, Horse-chestnut
Light Emerald
Lutestring, Frosted-green
Magpie, Clouded
Magpie, Small
Magpie, The
Map Butterfly
Marbled Minor
Merveille du Jour, Scarce
Miller, The
Minor, Cloaked
Monarch (Milkweed)
Moth, Alder
Moth, Antler
Moth, Black V
Moth, Black-veined
Moth, Brimstone
Moth, Broom
Moth, Cabbage
Moth, Crimson-speckled
Moth, Cynthia
Moth, December
Moth, Defoliator
Moth, Dot
Moth, Goat
Moth, Ghost
Moth, Gypsy
Moth, Hornet
Moth, Indian Meal
Moth, Lobstrer
Moth, Leopard
Moth, Limacodid
Moth, March
Moth, Mouse
Moth, Muslin
Moth, Ni
Moth, Orache
Moth, Peppered
Moth, Seed
Moth, Spanish Moon
Moth, Swallow-tailed
Moth, Sweet Gale
Moth, Turnip
Moth, White Satin
Moth, Winter
Moth, Winter (Northern)
Mother of Pearl
Mother Shipton
Mullein, The
Nettle-tree Butterfly
Oak, Scalloped
Old Lady
Orange Tip
Orange Tip, "Provence"
Orange Tip, Moroccan
Painted Lady
Pasha, Two-tailed
Passenger, The
Peach Blossom
Peacock Butterfly
Peacock Moth, Great
Poplar Grey
Processionary, Oak
Processionary, Pine
Procession Moth, Pine
Prominent, Great
Prominent, Iron
Prominent, Lesser Swallow
Prominent, Maple
Prominent, Pale
Prominent, Pebble
Prominent, Plumed
Prominent, Scarce
Prominent, Swallow
Prominent, Tawny
Prominent, Three-humped
Prominent, White 
Purple-barred, Small
Purple Cloud
Puss Moth
Quaker, common
Quaker, Small
Quaker, Twin Spotted
Quaker, Yellow-line
Ringlet, Bright-eyed
Ringlet, Common Brassy
Ringlet, Dewy
Ringlet, False
Ringlet, Large
Ringlet, Lesser Mountain
Ringlet, Marbled
Ringlet, Piedmont
Ringlet, Prunner's
Ringlet, Swiss Brassy
Ringlet, The
Ringlet, Water
Ringlet, Woodland
Ringlet, Yellow-spotted
Rush Veneer
Rustic, Black
Rustic, Brown
Rustic, Light Featheres
Saddleback Caterpillar
Sallow, Barred
Sallow, Bordered
Sallow, Centre-barred
Sallow, Dusky
Sallow Kitten
Sallow, Orange
Sallow, The
Sattelite, The
Satyr, Great Sooty
Setaceous Hebrew Character
Shark, Chamomile
Shark, The
Shell, Yellow
Shoulder, Pale
Shoulder-knot, Rustic
Silkmoth, Domestic
Silkmoth, Chinese Oak
Silkmoth, Japanese Oak
Silkmoht, Oak
Silver Barred
Silver-lines, Green
Silver-lines, Scarce
Silver Y
Silver Y, Scarce
Skipper, Chequered
Skipper, Cinquefoil
Skipper, Dingy
Skipper, Essex
Skipper, Grizzled
Skipper, Alpine Grizzled
Skipper, Large Grizzled
Skipper, Oberthur's Grizzled
Skipper, Southern Grizzled
Skipper, Large
Skipper, Large Chequered
Skipper, Lulworth
Skipper, Mallow
Skipper, Marbled
Skipper, Olive
Skipper, Red Underwing
Skipper, Orbed Red Underwing
Skipper, Safflower
Skipper, Sage
Skipper, Silver-spotted
Skipper, Small
Skipper, Tufted Marbled
Snout, Buttened
Snout, The
Spangle, Gold
Spectacle, Dark
Sprawler, sphinx
Square-spot Rustic
Straw, Bordered
Straw, Scarce Bordered
Sulphur, Spotted
Swallowtail, Corsican
Swallowtail, Scarce
Swallowtail, Southern
Swift, Common
Swift, Orange
Sword-grass, Dark
Sword-grass, Red
Sycamore, The
Thorn, Canary Shouldered
Thorn, August
Thorn, Early
Thorn, Feathered
Tiger, Cream-spot
Tiger, Garden-
Tiger, Jersey
Tiger, Plain
Tiger, Purple
Tiger, Ruby
Tiger, Scarlet
Tiger, Wood
Tip, Chocolate-
Tip, Small Chocolate-
Tip, Orange-
Tissue, The
Toadflax Brocade
Tortoiseshell, Small
Tortoiseshell, Large
Tortoiseshell, Yellow-legged
Tortrix, Green Oak
Tussock, Nut-tree
Tussock, Pale
Underwing, Blossom
Underwing, Broad-bordered Yellow
Underwing, Dark Crimson
Underwing, Light Crimson
Underwing, Large Yellow
Underwing, Lesser Yellow
Underwing, Oak Yellow
Underwing, Light Orange
Underwing, Orange
Underwing, Red
Underwing, Rosy
Underwing, Small Yellow
Underwing, Straw
Umber, Mottled
Vapourer, The
Vestal, The
Water Betony
Wave, Bright
Wave, Riband
White, Bath
White, Black-veined
White, Canarian Islands Large
White, Dappled, Eastern
White, Dappled, Western
White, Green-striped
White, Green-veined
White, Mountain Green-veined
White, Large
White, Marbled
White, Marbled, Balkan
White, Marbled, Iberian
White, Marbled, Spanish
White, Marbled, Western
White, Small
White, Krueper's Small
White, Mountain Small
White, Southern Small
White, Wood
Willow, Pale Mottled
Wood, Canary Speckled
Wood, Madeiran Speckled
Wood, Speckled
Warmwood, Scarce
Y, Silver
Yellow, Balkan Clouded
Yellow, Berger's Clouded
Yellow, Clouded
Yellow, Danube Clouded
Yellow, Eastern Pale Clouded
Yellow, Moorland Clouded
Yellow, Mountain Clouded
Yellow, Pale Clouded
Yellow, Speckled